Tanzania Work Permit Application
Tanzania Work Permit Application
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Frequently Asked Questions
Payment other than Work Permit fees?

There is no any payment that should be made for the purposes of obtaining work permit other than the fees provided under item 4.1

Payment for lodging appeal or exemption application?

No any payment should be made for the purpose of lodging appeal or exemption application.

When five years elapse?

Where a non -citizen exhausts Five Years (5) of working in the country, he cannot be engaged by any other employer unless he is exempted by the Minister from being bound by the requirement of time as provided for under the Act (Non-citizens (Employment Regulation) Act, No. 1 of 2015).

Right to appeal

Applicant who is aggrieved or dissatisfied by the decision of the Labour Commissioner has the right to logde an appeal to the Minister responsible for Labour and Employment matters within Thirty Days (30) days from upon receipt of a rejection notification.

Work Permit with finality condition (Final Grant)

application for work permit issued with finality condition cannot be processed unless such condition is waived by the Minister responsible for labour and employment matters through appeal.

Payment for Work Permit

Payment for Work Permit is neither refundable nor transferable. However, payment is valid only within Government financial year (1st July – 30th June) unless delays in process.

Who can apply for work permit?

An Employer is the one required to make an application for work permit. It is emphasized that only employee from Empoyer’s Organization/Company should handle matters related to Work Permit applications.

Is a non-citizen allowed to work with sister companies?

Work permit is issued so as to allow a non-citizen to work with the company/organization that made application for him/her. It is contravention of terms and condition of the Work Permit if a non-citizen engages himself with other company/companies.

Call for appearance

Is an instruction issued to the Applicant to meet in person the Labour Commissioner or any person on behalf of the Labour Commissioner.

Validity of passport

Validity of passport submitted with application for work permit should NOT be less than Six (6) months before its expiration.

Proof of shares for Work Permit Class A

Current proof of shares should be submitted whenever application for Work Permit class ‘A’ is lodged. Proof of shares should be from BRELA for companies registered in Tanzania or from relevant foreign authorities for companies registered abroad.

Proof of sell/allotment/transfer of shares

Whenever applicable, proof of sell/allotment/transfer of shares should be provided in submitting application for Work Permit Class A. When there is transfer of shares, proof of payment of tax should be submitted (Tax Clearance Certificate).

Work Permit Class ‘D’

Is issued to a non-citizen who is employed or engaged by an Organization duly registered to provide religious or charitable services. Proof of issuance of Charitable Certificate from Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) should be provided in submitting application by a Charitable Organization.

Justification letter/application letter

Is a letter addressed to the Labour Commissioner, addressing among others, reasons as to why a non-citizen should be employed, efforts made to secure local employee and activities of the Company/Organization in relation to what a non-citizen is expected to do.

Return on Employment of Non-citizens (TFN 903):

Is a prescribed Form in the Act which should be submitted to the Labour Commissioner twice a year. The form provides for details of all non-citizens employed by the Applicant (Employer) and those who are expected to leave the country when their Work Permits expires. The form also indicates local succeeding employee(s).

Contribution records for Social Security Funds (NSSF & WCF):

Contribution records that should be submitted to the Labour Commissioner must be Current. However, whenever there is variation in the number of employees registered with such Funds and those employed by the Company, clarification should be provided.

Renewal of Work Permit

Application for renewal of Work Permit must be submitted to the Labour Commissioner Two months (2) before the expiry of the existing Work Permit.

Holder of a work permit

This permit is personal to the holder and is not transferable.

Keep and production of a work permit

Work Permit shall be kept by the holder and produced to any authorized person on demand.

Cancellation of a Work Permit

The Labour Commissioner may at any time cancel Work Permit if there are justifiable reason for effecting such decision.

Change of center for Work Permit Application

Any Employer who obtains Work Permit through Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) shall not change the centre for application, i.e to the Head Quarter of the Labour Office Department unless they provide proof that such Employer is deregistered from such authorities.

Payment of facilitation fee

Applicants who channel Work Permit Applications via TIC and EPZA shall continue to pay the facilitation fee equivalent to 100USD in the manner that is currently used.